Society manufacturing and selling Bakery, Dairy products and procure raw milk and process it. Brand name for Bakery product is "Sahakar" and for Dairy product is "Yalgud". Society marketed such consumable products in Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara, Sindhudurg, Solapur & Belgaum District through our own selling parlours or through agency, dealer and distributor network. Government of India has started a residential central school (Navoday Vidyalaya) at Kothali, Kagal, Palus. Their entire requirements of students for Milk, Bread, Biscuits, Cakes, Shrikhand, Basundi etc. are met by our society. These products are supplied everyday as per the school's demand for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On Sunday and festival days Shrikhand and Basundi are supplied to them for serving the feast to the students. 

The Head Office of the society is located at Yalgud village and well established Bakery & Dairy plants is located at Randeviwadi which is 2 KM away from Head Office. Society has Divisional office located in Kolhapur and Branches in Sangli and Nipani. The distributors / dealers would contact the Marketing Office, Kolhapur in case if they need to get agency of the Bakery and Dairy products. The society sales the products to retailers and agents by its own and rent basis vehicles. The society has many sales outlets in Kolhapur city, which are located at market places in Kolhapur city. Society's outlets in Kolhapur city is as follows.

1. Central Bus Stand
2. Dabholkar Corner
3. Bhaskar Plaza, Shahupuri
4. Takala Road
5. SIBER Road
6. Tarabai Road

The society also sales the products shop to shop to resellers of Kolhapur city through delivery van.

Any query or complaints of service would be provided to divisional office in Kolhapur city. This will provide us an opportunity to understand and serve your requirements better.

Contact Person : Marketing Officer Mobile No.  0-7722054600  

Our outlets in Kolhapur City
To evolve any eatable products, to put on the market, to start with, we purchase food samples from the market. We inspect these samples for ingredients, quality, taste, appearance, food and nutritive value, packing and price. Next we, ourselves prepare the eatable food item, in Question that we have selected, on trial basis. By this trial and error method, we finally arrive at certain fixed conclusion and fix up our formula and recipe for our product. Then we manufacture this food item on trial basis in our research and development wing. This final finished item is given for testing to expert, discerning, elderly persons of the society, important citizens and our advisory committee. Once they approve this formula and recipe is fixed, it is never changed lest there would, be change in taste etc. It is maintained through out. Before product packing and dispatching to market for sale, it is first tasted and approved by quality controller and head of the section. Only the approved standard & quality product dispatched to market.