• FSSC-22000 The society has received Food Safety Management System Certificate FSSC-22000 for Dairy and Bakery units from TUV Nord, Germany.

  • The office work of our society starts at 9.30am with the prayer of "Sahakar Geet" and  "Pasaydan". All office staff members of Sahakar Udyog Samuha remain present in prayer hall.

  • The National Co-operative Development Corporation New Delhi, has granted us, through Government of Maharashtra,  financial assistance of Rs. 40.60 Lacs for our Dairy   project  and  Rs.24.70  Lacs for  our  Bakery  project. Both these projects are running efficiently since beginning processing maximum milk and producing maximum by-products  and Bakery products. Government of Maharashtra has also contributed  share capital to the tone of Rs.16,40 Lacs. Thus, we have made a beginning towards Industrialization in this rural area. For this, we have received Rs.20 Lacs as subsidy and concession in sales tax for 6 years from WESTERN MAHARASHTRA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, PUNE under special Incentive scheme 1988 of Maharashtra.

  • Participation in National Activities 

  • Financial Aid in kind for family planning programmes.
  • Tree plantation in public waste land and along both sides of the main road.
  • Financial Assistance for Montessori and Primary school.
  • Financial Assistance in Natural Calamities.
  • Free distribution of Uniforms for poor and needy students.
  • Awarded prizes to individuals, as an encouragement to the elders for taking education.
  • To inculcate the habit of thrift and saving amongst the milk producer farmers, a deposit of 50 paise per litre is deducted from their milk bill given for every 10 days.
  • Training for the staff : Young, smart and intelligent employees are selected for training in different faculties such as, Bakery Course, Indian Dairy Diploma, Poultry Course, H.D.C., G.D.C.& A. Artificial Insemination course, Live stock supervisor course, various course from VAMNICOM, Pune etc. The entire expenses are borne by the Society.


Facilities provided to the Members and the Customers :

Free Veterinary aid through qualified staff of the society is being provided  to all our producer members  in the form of preventive medicines, artificial insemination etc. In emergency cases expert  Veterinary Surgeons in the  field are invited from the District Milk Union (A.I.Service)

For the last many years, the society is providing financial assistance for purchasing improved varieties of milch cattle to the farmers  and  landless  labourers  so  as  to enable them to undertake  Dairy  business  &  improve  their economic conditions. We  give guarantee to the Nationalized  and  other  Banks  on behalf of our members for getting loans to purchase milk animals.  Also  many times  we  take  loan  from C.F.A. and  disburse  it to our members for purchasing improved varieties of milch cattle. Pedigreed calves are provided at cost price. Animal  feed, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Insecticides, Oils, Seeds and other agricultural implements are also being  provided to our members and village folk. Consumers articles, including  our  own  products  food  grains, Utensils, Cloth, Grocery  and provisions are also provided to all at reasonable price.

Internal Audit :

Internal Audit staff is deputed specially to carry out current audit and keep counter checks on daily transactions.


Since 1992, the Society has gone in for computerization system to cope-up with increased volume of work. On account of Electronic Data Processing & Management Information system (M.I.S.) our accounting system is improved in Billing and Costing. The Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Trading Account are being prepared rapidly and correctly. Computerization will be very much helpful and advantageous to us. On account of this facility we are able to complete our financial statements before 3rd day of next month.

Daily Report :

Consolidated reports of all departments and sister concern societies are daily prepared in the evening and reported to the Chairman and Officers. Daily sales report send via SMS to all officer's mobile. Daily cash collection done through Shree Mahalaxmi Patsanstha from 9.30am to 11.00PM. No cash on hand everyday in any department.

Solar Energy Equipment :

Our Dairy Unit requires hot water for cleaning the dairy plant and equipment & other purposes for this so for the orthodox method of using boiler was in practice. Recently we have installed modern equipment based on solar energy which gives us 4000 Lpd heated water at 80 degree C. This has saved the expenses on diesel, fuel to a great extent. Solar photovaltaic streetlight installed 4 nos of 11 watts as non-conventional energy source at project site.

Visitors :

Everyday, there is a continuous flow of visitors to study the working of the society. Others also visit us, amongst whom are distinguished personalities from co-operative field and industries, High Government Officers, Trainees, Office Bearers of different co-operative societies etc. Foreigners also visit us very often. Those who come for study in Bombay, visit Kolhapur to see for themselves the working of Co-operative movement, activities and those who arrives in Kolhapur, make a point to visit Yalgud.

The other sister institutions established in Yalgud with the Co-operation of our society :

  • Shri Sumangal Mahila Audhyogik Sahakari Sanstha Ltd., Yalgud
  • Shri Hanuman Audhyogik Sahakari Sanstha Ltd., Yalgud
  • Sahakar Maharshi Late Tatyasaheb Mohite Co-op. Lift. Irrigation Sanstha Ltd., Yalgud
  • Shri Hanuman Co-op. Lift Irrigation Sanstha Ltd., Yalgud
  • Shri Mahalaxmi Nagari Sahakari Path Sanstha Ltd., Yalgud
  • Govind Sahakari Poultry Sanstha, Ltd., Yalgud
  • Shri Hanuman Sahakari Grahak Sanstha Ltd., Yalgud
  • Shri Hanuman Sahakari Vahatuk Sanstha Ltd., Yalgud
  • Shri Swami Vivekanand Charitable Trust, Yalgud
  • Sahakar Ratna Vasantrao Mohite Sahakari Housing Society Ltd., Yalgud
  • Shri Shetkari Sahakari Dudh Utpadak Sangh Ltd., Nipani (Karnataka)
  • Sahakar Ratna Vasantrao Mohite Krishi Abhivrudhi Sangh Ltd., Nipani (Lift Irrigation-Karnataka)


Government of Maharashtra have introduced "Krishi Pandhari" scheme to Yalgud and our society played a leading and prominent role in the upliftment of the entire village. We are proud and content that within a short period in which we have been implementing different developmental schemes in Yalgud. Our society has earned a name and is now considered to be an ideal one worth to be appreciated. However, we hope to achieve much more in future.